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Company Name ESPO CHEMICALS Co., Ltd.
Founded in November 25,1987
Established in November 01,2005
Capital 30,000,000 JPY
Account Settlement Date October 31
License,etc. Ordinary construction license (Machinery and equipment installation work / Plumbing work / Construction work / Painter’s work / Interior finishing work / Carpentry work, etc.)
Contractor’s License by governor of Chiba Pref. [般-2]No.54608
Business Purpose 1. Manufacture and sale of air purifying chemicals and related equipment and system design.
2. Sale and construction of anti-algae and anti-fungal chemicals
3. Food hygiene related bacteria removing agent
4. Activated carbon device, activated carbon filter, ozone deodorization system, etc.
Business Area 1.Deodorant business
Deodorant business for industrial and business use, BIO-DM business*, Environmental hygiene business (Antifungal agent and disinfectant) *The deodorant made from French essential oils.

2.Deodorizing equipment business
Activated carbon filter, combustion type, ozone type.

3.General deodorant business
Total deodorant system business (Chiller, dust collector, washing scrubber, oil smoke removal system)

4.Consulting business
Odor assessment (on-site inspection/Odor determination and analysis at R&D Laboratory of ESPO CHEMICALS Co., Ltd.)/Suggestion (deodorant and equipment etc.)

President and CEO Teruki Kobayashi
Officer Chairperson / Shunsuke Kobayashi
Director / Tatsuo Morita
Director / Akira Kubo
Auditor / Hiroshi Kobayashi
Head Office and R&D Laboratory 93-1, Shin Minato, Mihama-ku, Chiba, #261-0002, JAPAN.

Products information

Deodorant business – For industrial –

Nozepal® F-NO, Nozepal® GR-541, Nozepal® V-SA, Nozepal® V-SAL, Nozepal® V-SCL, Nozepal® EX-511, Nozepal® EX-512, Nozepal® KY-142, Nozepal® EX-BF8, Nozepal® EX-BF8WS

Deodorant business – For business –

Nozepal® Spray, Nozepal® BC Spray, Nozepal® GL, Nozepal® HS, Nozepal® HS-M, Lungpal AC, Lungpal ML, ESPO Safety NV, ESPO Safety 7

Deodorant business – BIO-DM® business –

BIO-DM®, BIO-DM® bacteria elimination plus

Deodorant business – Environmental hygiene business –

Oilpal A, ESPO NS, ESPO NV102, ESPO GS, Nozepal® CL plus, ESPO Non-mold & Non-Condensation (Sheet Type), ESPO Non-mold & Non-Condensation (Paint Type)

Deodorizer business – deodorizing equipment business –

Ionair® Ion type air purifier, Chemical filter, activated carbon filter, Tough-comb Deodorizer, Direct combustion deodorizer, Heat storage type deodorizer, Catalytic deodorizer, Deodorizer with continuous concentrator, Small catalytic deodorizer.

Deodorization general business – Comprehensive deodorizing system business –

Nozepal® RAS scrubber system, Deoriser (Water film scrubber), Aquablaster (Wastewater treatment air diffuser), Deoblaster (Bioremediation system), SMOG-HOG (Kitchen flue gas treatment equipment),
Multi-stage scrubber

Consulting business – Odor environment assessment service –

Agent recruitment

We recruit chemicals currently. For inquiries regarding details, please contact to us below.

General Affairs Div.
TEL: +81-43-238-2340
You can also contact us by email

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